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Research and Development

Purchasing Material :
RRIL continue focus in R&D activities towards new products and application, improvement in operating efficiencies and reduction in manufacturing costs.

Further, with commissioning of new productions facilities the Company is able to produce POY of Denier range fine to course. Very few plants in India have production facilities for producing such a wide denier range. Plant is designed to produce following types of specialty yarns.

1-Bright Yarns
2-Cationic Yarn
3-Coloured Yarns
4-Yarns of various cross-sections viz, Triobal, Octalobal etc.
5-Fire retardant and anit microbial yarns through chips spinning or master batch. Use of such yarns is mandatory for specific fabrics in developed quantities and now becoming popular in India.

The production lines of plant are designed to change product with minimum changeover losses hence can meet customer requirement even for small quantities. It is cost effective due to its size and location as well as capable to offer customize products.

The philosophy of the Company is to be innovative and cost competitive. To achieve this, the Company has complete R&D facilities of spinning and texturising. The R&D facilities include pilot melt spinning along with modern equipments for testing of yarn. Very few plants in the world are equipped with such types of facilities.