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Products Raw Material

Purchasing Material :
The Company produce 30000 T.P.A. of PTY, 23063 TPA of FDY (based on average of 75/36 SD denier), 40000 T.P.A. of POY and 2880 Flat Yarn (based on average of 150/36 SD denier). The Company is seeking well established suppliers to meets its requirement of the following raw materials and consumables without involving any dealer or agent.

1- Polyester chips of different lustre like semi dull, full dull, Bright.
2- Polyester chips of chemically modified like cationic dyeable chips, easy dye able chip.
3- Polyester master batches of different shades.
4- Spin finish oil and Anti-Bactericide.
5- Canning oil.
6- Spin pack consumables like polymer filters, gaskets and metallic sand powder etc.
7- Paper tubes.
8- Corrugated boxes.
9- Laboratory chemicals.
10-Ceramic guides.
11-Spare parts for Barmag SW-46 series winder & teijin make AW-808 series winders.
12-Different types of bearing, belts, lubricating oil, grease etc.

Inferior fabrics, down-grade fabrics and scraps:
As a result of strict quality control the Company has some down-grade fabrics, as also textile scraps, various plastic barrels, iron barrels, waste paper, waste yarn, odd and ends fabrics etc. Interested parties may contact us for sale.